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Work With Me

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I have a variety of convenient and enjoyable programs for busy moms. Please see a summary of the programs options below:

“More Than Just A Kegel 28 Day Challenge”

Are you are suffering with diastasis recti or incontinence? If so, this is the perfect challenge to help move you forward and improve these annoying symptoms.  To Learn More About The “More Than Just A Kegel 28 Day Challenge” CLICK HERE.

“Personal Training”

Do you thrive with 1-on-1 support?  Get a an individualized holistic plan to help you crush your goals.   No more repetitive workout videos.  Get real live support now.  We can train in-person or online!  Whatever best suits your unique needs.  Please CLICK HERE to visit the Personal Training page or CLICK HERE to book your [FREE] Discovery Call.

Postnatal Fitness Classes:

Being a new mom, or a mom period can be an isolating experience.  Postnatal Fitness Classes allow you to get out, meet other moms, and get fit.  Win/win.   Group fitness classes are a highly motivating and rewarding experience for participants.  The benefits are truly endless.  To learn more please CLICK HERE to visit the Postnatal Fitness Classes page.

Virtual Group Fitness Classes:

At various times of the year I offer group fitness classes centered around core re-training, pelvic pain, relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness, yoga, and total body strength.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about my virtual group fitness classes.