Wellness Coaching

It’s no secret that moms have a lot on their plates in this day and age.  It may seem like you’ve lost the dreams you once had for yourself but I am here to tell you that we can revive those dreams through Wellness Coaching.  One-on-one phone sessions typically go from 30-60 mins and will help you clearly define and work towards your goals, dreams, and desires.  You may want to work towards implementing stress management techniques to help you regulate your emotions, management your weight, eat better, balance your mind, body and spirit or just regain control of your life. No matter what your coaching needs, I am here to support you on your journey.  Maintaining a family and balancing your own wellness journey is no joke! It can be overwhelming if you let it.

I can help you with…

– Personal goal setting and finding your life’s purpose
– Time Management
– Weight Management
– Healthy Eating
– Stress Management
– Career Transitions
– Creating and maintaining healthy lifestyle choices
– Becoming your own health advocate
– Chronic Illness Management
– Finding natural ways to reduce or manage chronic pain
– Finding balance within your life
– And so much more…

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