The Behavioural Code Weight Loss Program

The Behavioural Code Weight Loss Program – Is A 12 Week Holistic Weight Loss Group Program For Moms That Is Focused On:

  • Building Sustainable Lifestyle Habits That Are Individualized & Uncomplicated ( ie Some of the topics include: mindful eating, holistic nutrition, eating on the go, meal prepping, tackling emotional eating, troubleshooting weight loss plateaus, joyful movement, sleep hygiene, etc…)
  • Stress management & becoming the master of your cortisol: [B/C ignoring the invisible load of motherhood only keeps us stuck and spinning our wheels in the wrong direction…this is one area that is overlooked in most traditional weight loss programs]
  • Mindset: Another overlooked component in most programs.  We will be losing weight with a focus on transformation from the inside out.  Did you know that most of your behaviours run on auto-pilot?  What an important weight loss concept since it takes a particular set of move you forwards towards your goals.  Get those auto-pilot behaviours working for your benefit. We explore that concept deeply within the program as well as the importance of self-love and self-compassion on your weight loss journey.

Program Benefits To Ensure You Lose The Weight & Keep It Off:

  • Ongoing access to the membership Content Hub so that you can learn and revisit the information anytime you need to.  
  • Access to a once a week coaching call via Zoom to dive deeper into the content hub materials, ask questions, get support, and the accountability you need
  • Access to a once a week virtual fitness class where you can sweat it out, build strength, and interact with other group members
  • Access to the program specific private FB group where you can connect with other group members, ask questions, and get support.  I will also be present in the FB group to offer support as well.
  • Any additional workshops that are running during your time in the program (ie topics include massage, yoga, healthy smoothies, effective visualizations, growth mindset etc…)

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