My Love Of Group Fitness Classes For Moms

August 15, 2020by Coombsie860

Fitness Classes Stroller Fitness For Moms Oshawa WhitbyI love hosting a variety of group fitness classes for moms.  I am currently running virtual classes through Zoom as well postnatal mom and baby fitness classes in the Whitby – Oshawa area.  You may be wondering great.  Why should I care? How can your group fitness classes for moms really help me in my life?

There is something so special about being around others with a shared experience.  Motherhood is the ultimate shared experience.  You can really relate to other moms and even make a friend or two.  I made many close friends on my mat leaves through a variety of mom and baby classes and events ie fitness classes, music/movement, library programs, and dinner clubs.  I found my mommy friends really understood me when I said, “boy I’m tired”.  “Wow these kids are stressing me”.  I didn’t even have to go in depth.  They just understood.  My own experiences with having an awesome mommy friend circle really lead to believe that every mom could benefit from that type of support.  I really try to create a village and community in my group fitness classes through icebreakers, games, free chat time, a running group chat etc…Who doesn’t need a few more mom friends?  My favorite is when I see the friendships that form in class move out into the community.  When I see the moms in class posting photos of themselves and other class participants on play dates or mommy dinner dates; that really warms my heart.  Isolation sucks and one way to combat that is to join some sort of positive social group.  In this case group fitness classes fit the bill.

Group fitness classes for moms are also great as they help you to move your body.  As moms we are hella busy!  By scheduling in a group fitness class you are actually committing to a time slot and  you are more likely to show up and move your body that day.  It serves as accountability and healthy habit building for so many moms that attend these classes.  Some moms say if it wasn’t for my classes they wouldn’t move their body that day.  For many it  is a kick start for a healthier life in general.  It may just start with a once a week group fitness class and then you decide to continue to layer on healthy habits and boom 6 months later you are healthier version of yourself.  Notice I said 6 months later and not 6 weeks later?  Lifestyle changes take time so I never push the quick fix.

Group fitness classes are an affordable way to build your strength while learning proper exercise technique.  We need to be strong as moms.  We have lots of heavy crap to lift.  Car seats with babies in them weigh a ton and so do heavy duty strollers.  Building your strength will help you to reduce injury.  Insuring proper posture and technique when lifting heavy baby/kid equipment does the same.  Something that moms have in common is that they  sometimes have this mom posture.  Tucked in tailbone, gripping their bums, rounded shoulders, forward head posture etc…  They can also suffer from a weak core and back pain due to posture, pelvic floor dysfunction or some other causes as well.  Exercise classes geared for moms can target improving these areas efficiently…they can help to correct posture, reduce pain, burn calories, boost your mood, increase your energy level, and make your daily activities so much easier.  There are so many benefits. You get so much bang for your buck with attending group fitness classes with moms in mind!

Lastly, group fitness classes for moms impact future generations.  In my opinion one of the best gifts that moms can give their children is the gift of health and wellness.  Your children will model what they see at home.  I love hosting the Zoom fitness classes for that reasons.  Many times the kids join their moms in the exercises and its a whole family affair.

If you are interested in learning more about my online fitness classes or in-person fitness classes please send me a message.  The classes that I currently run are;
– In-Person Postnatal Mom & Baby Stroller Fitness Classes Whitby – Oshawa
– Zoom Virtual Fitness Classes For Moms
***In the future post Covid I will also be offering In-Person Indoor Postnatal  Mom/Baby Fitness Classes Whitby – Oshawa

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