Is Your Environment Set Up To Crush Your Weight Loss Goals?

June 24, 2020by Coombsie860

Environment and fitness

Is your environment setting you up to fail in your weight loss journey? It was not too long ago that I was living my life in an environment that made it difficult to navigate healthy meal prep, a solid schedule for my kids, and deep authentic expression of self. Yes I was super grateful for a roof over my head and accept & appreciate the reasons why we had the set up we did…but it doesn’t change the fact that the environment wasn’t ideal. On top of all that I practically lived in my car with my kids. Why? Because our beautiful baby girl needed weekly therapy, had lots of medical appointments, and eventually had a surgery. We attended over 100 appointments between April 2019 & April 2020. So what do you think the combination of the inconvenient home environment set up, spending lots of time in my car, and our hectic appointment schedule created?

The perfect storm. Too much eating on the go. Too many drive through visits. Not moving my body enough. I wasn’t practicing meditation anymore. I became stressed and switched between sad & crabby. I gained weight 25lbs. I didn’t make time to address my postpartum diastasis recti and other pelvic health concerns. I was a mess internally and externally.

Fast forward to today. I am losing that extra weight I gained. I am fuelling my body with great tasting nutritious food. I am back to working out regularly. I am actively pursuing daily activities like meditation that promote relaxation. Did I mention that weight is literally falling off?

Okay well. What changed? Simply put. My environment. We moved. By having control of my environment I was able to set up the kiddies on a great schedule and teach them the life skill of independence. I complete my self care while they are having their daily quiet/nap time. I was able to shift around baby girl’s therapy schedule so it is more efficient and works better for our family. I prep the things I need to prep from the night before to make it easy to make healthy choices. Environment and circumstances make all the difference of where you find yourself today. You may not be able to change your circumstances for a variety of reasons (ie I cannot change the fact that we have to attend appointments and may be on the go often). But if you can control your environment (ie that meant moving for us) you can set yourself up for success.

What in your environment is causing you to stumble? Do you keep unhealthy snacks in the house? Do you need to create a schedule for your kids to free up your time? Do you have fresh cut up washed fruits and veggies in your fridge? Did you make a menu and shopping list for this week? Do you have your at home workout equipment in an easy to access place? Do you need to set up a more convenient environment or move all together? Setting up your environment for success will be a key starting point if you are looking to eat healthy, exercise more, break up with unwanted fat, and reduce your stress.

If I can do it, so can you. I am mama of 3 beautiful kids who I homeschool. We juggle therapy and medical appointments for our baby. I run a business. I know busy and I know you know busy too mama. Just know, if I can find the time so can you. Now go forth & crush it.

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