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May 15, 2018by Coombsie860

~ I am so happy to have this guest post by my friend Joanne Taylor.  She is a mom of 3, writer, underwater photographer, and make up artist.  She and her family visited Disney this year and wanted to give you all some awesome fitness tips for surviving the boot camp that is Disney.  To connect with Joanne or read more of her work please visit www.facebook.com/joanneswriting or www.underwaterphotographyforkids.wordpress.com .  Enjoy the post! ~


Disney Boot Camp 
By: Joanne Taylor

Having just returned from Disney World, Florida with my husband, double-stroller, three kids (8, 5 and 2) plus our two suitcases and four carry-ons, I’ve had my share of physical challenges outside of a gym.
Disney World is notorious for fun and physical exercise. The Magic Kingdom alone is 107 acres and it will kick your butt – not to mention the walk from the Disney transportation to the park gates or any of the other Disney parks (Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.)
We had ten days of park passes and did a park a day. In the process, my husband and I did get injuries. Our feet hurt, our backs and arms hurt and I pulled a muscle in a shoulder while trying to get my youngest down from a gate.
I admit we did run to catch buses, to make it for some of our fast passes and we did run after one or more of our children to catch them and I admit we did carry some tired kids because sometimes even a double stroller isn’t big enough!
But lucky for you, and thanks to Alison for letting me contribute, you can avoid some of our injuries.
I’ve jotted down some suggestions for you to focus on the fun and continue to be physically at your best.
First of all, remember, Disney World is a marathon, not a sprint, although the first day was a busy one trying to keep up with our kids level of energy.
My suggestions to take care of your body while having so much fun start here and I’ve listed ten of them.
1 – Hydrate! Avoid cramps by drinking lots of water.
2 – Stretch before you go in the morning and stretch again before bed. Your body will thank you! Don’t forget to massage those toes and rub some cream on your heels.
3 – Stretch while you’re in lines. Take advantage of long lineups to stretch your backs, arms, legs and feet.
4 – Eat healthy! Try dried fruit high in antioxidants at the new Pandora section of Animal Kingdom – the one with dried kiwi in is super yum), edamame (yes, edamame!! They sell them at a snack bar in Animal Kingdom) and pizza (try La Nampoli at Epcot – I had the white pizza with melon on top) or even yummy ice cream shakes in Hollywood Studios.
5 – Time your caffeine. Have it early so you get a good night sleep for the next day because you’re going to need it!
6 – Use eye drops to keep your eyes happy and lubricated because they will get tired too.
7 – Alternate the side you hold your children on to avoid muscle strain.
8 – Bring an anti-inflammatory cream for aching joints and apply after a warm shower at the end of a fun day
9 – Take care of your feet by wearing comfortable shoes and wear insoles if you need them.
10 – Like any holiday – relax. Tense moments will come and go so make sure you relax your body between them. The most frequent tense moments happened over little ones crying over a toy in the gift shop. Remember it’s ok, it happens all the time and the best thing to do (quoting Elsa) is to “Let it go.”

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