Cavewoman Training With My Super Athletic Son – Guest Post

March 13, 2019by Coombsie860

By Joanne Taylor

I wanted to share a recent fun and inspiring experience I shared with my nine and a half year old super athletic, hockey playing, multi-sport loving son.

The moms were given the chance to try cavewoman training alongside their elite hockey players (set up by the hockey organization of the Scarborough Young Bruins at New Frontier Fitness.)

The team works with Jason at New Frontier Fitness regularly but this was my first time witnessing the focus and determination of my son and his teammates.

I wasn’t sure how I would do but, like the other enthusiastic moms, I was ready to try and rock the physical challenges. My goal was to share an activity he’s passionate about and not aggravate my previously injured shoulder.

Jason, the owner and trainer, quickly organized four stations for eight determined moms and ten young athletes. He had the perfect calm yet enthusiastic approach; he challenged each of us with not only a full body workout on each circuit but a mental workout too. I found Cavewoman training (or Caveman for those guys out there) was perfect for all the varying fitness levels of the moms and we all had a great, if not sweaty time.

Best of all, I’ll never forget how my son looked with a big grin on his face as he watched me participate in a wide range of exercise including ropes, boxing, resistance ropes and weights.

I marveled at how my son and his friends excelled not only in their focus at each station but also in their determination to complete each timed circuit. They encouraged one another, at times joked around, and obviously enjoyed the comments, and encouragement of Jason.

They also seemed to enjoy having us moms around to shout “Go, Mom go!” at as they raced past us doing our warm up laps.

Having a young athlete in the house is one of the driving forces in my day-to-day life; ensuring a creative, happy home, providing a super healthy diet for him and his siblings, and encouraging not only good but great and necessary sleeping habits.

I loved the chance to exercise along with him, the awesome hockey moms, his friends, and teammates.

A big shout out to Jason at New Frontier Fitness and a warm thank you for the opportunity to the Scarborough Young Bruins (SYB 2009) organization.

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Thank you Joanne for sharing your wonderful fitness experiences with us!  Very inspiring.

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