Postnatal Fitness Classes

The first few years of being a mom (and even beyond that), can be isolating.  Why not come out and get some exercise while meeting other neighbourhood moms?


Outdoor Stroller Fitness: 8 session class $100.00
Indoor Postnatal Mom/Baby Fitness Classes: 8 session class $100.00

What Are The Benefits Of Postnatal Exercise Classes?

  • Build a stronger body: Trust me, you will need your strength to lift the baby and lug around all of the baby gear
  • Safely Lose your baby weight and return to your pre-pregnancy body: As an instructor that is certified and has extensive continuing education in the areas of postpartum exercise, my classes will ensure you get a good workout and not injure yourself. PS If you attend traditional boot camps with lots of running, jumping, sit ups etc you may harm your postpartum body
  • Have more energy to run around with the kids in addition to doing all of the other things you have to do as a mom
  • Meet other moms in your community: Make long lasting friendships while you sweat. Say bye bye to isolation and hello to a wonderful social life
  • Be a role model: Kids even at a young age imitate what they see their parents doing. Model a healthy lifestyle for your children right from the start.
  • The babies will love it: Babies love energetic music, watching their mommies and interacting with other babies.

Indoor classes are now open for registration, and outdoor classes will next be open for registration in spring 2018.  Please contact me to secure your spot as spaces fill up quickly.